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VideoReDo PlusVideoReDo TVSuite with H.264

A non linear MPEG 1/2 editor with advanced features such as commercial detection
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: Beta (details)
OS Support: Windows 98 Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
License: Commercial
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VideoReDo Plus eliminates the quality and performance limitations of typical video editors by quickly editing in Native MPEG (smart rendering), changing only the few frames you change. So you experience a fast, easy, high quality result.

Automatic Repair Synchronization is for those situations where the source material may have transmission errors (Over-Air Broadcasts) or not have the perfect timing required by MPEG digital compression ( Camcorder or VHS to DVD ). VideoReDo Plus is the most reliable way to insure that your video files are in perfect sync prior to burning to DVD.

Frame accurate (frame level) video editing that precisely and reliably edits, cuts and joins at the specific frames you choose. A capability that goes far beyond typical MPEG tools that only cut on GOPs (rough cut-editing).

AdDetective? Commercial Detection takes the pain out of finding the best places to cut advertisements from your videos. AdDetective will scan your files for likely places where advertisements start and end. You can preview and change AdDetective recommendations before editing, or let VideoReDo Plus do the job automatically. The choice is yours.

Works with your standalone DVD Recorder to capture video. All you need to do is drop your DVD onto your PC and edit. We support source files from all major standalone DVD recorders including those that create DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD-RAM.

Real-time preview of your edits allow you to check your work, before saving, to make sure you have selected the optimal frames to cut. Simply click on the preview button or keyboard command and VideoReDo Plus switches instantly to preview mode. You can navigate in preview mode just as you would in edit mode, and our unique preview option lets you tab and preview to each cut point live or on our screen so that you can quickly check each of your cuts.

Work with the widest variety of stream formats. VideoReDo Plus works with the widest variety of native stream formats. So whether you capture or save in program streams, transport streams, or VOB formats, VideoReDo can read them all. Our built in codec's and filters means that VideoReDo will not mess-up or interfere with your existing capture and playback tools.

Sub Editions:

This software has the following sub editions:

VideoReDo Plus


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AC3, DVD, MP3, SVCD, VCD, VOB
Output Files: AC3, BMP, DVD, MP3, SVCD, VCD, VOB

OS Compatibility:

Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista

Revision History:

Version Beta
  • Release Date: Sep 27, 2017
  • TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-09-25)

    [Enhancement] COM: Add new COM call, NavigationFrameAdvancedIFrame( BOOL bForward).
    [Enhancement] ES Muxing: Add option in the ES muxing dialog for the video frame rate when the frame rate isn't in the video stream.
    [Enhancement] ES Muxing: Added support to mux video only, using silent PCM audio.
    [Enhancement] GUI: Gracefully edit videos with multiple dimensions. Shift+Tools>Options # 40: Allow multiple video dimensions
    [Enhancement] MPEG2: Added support for AAC LC audio with MPEG2 video when using MP4/MOV container.
    [Enhancement] Output profiles: Option to group profiles by container and codec.
    [Change] ES Muxing: Updated the H.264 elementary stream detection to require a SPS, PPS, and not require multiple AUDs.
    [Change] GUI: Add "disable" option to check for update frequency on the Tools>Options>Startup page.
    [Change] GUI: Allow dimension changes from 1080 to 1088 without triggering a warning.
    [Change] GUI: Diagnostic level now defaults to "medium" on Tools>Options>General
    [Change] GUI: When showing can only be opened in VideoReDo Pro, display a "more information link".
    [Change] H.264 MP4/MKV: Arbitrate frame rate by looking at PTS values when the video ES has a different frame rate than the file header.
    [Change] HEVC/H265: Add warning when the user tries to open an HEVC/H265 file.
    [Change] Output Profiles: When grouping option is "none", change "Check/Uncheck group" to "Check/Uncheck All" and enable.
    [Change] TS Muxing: Auto mux rate was not taking into account the bit rate of non-recoded secondary audio streams.
    [Fix] Ad-Detective: If source is H.264 and "Disable Display Update" in Ad-detective params is checked, batch ad-detective can hang.
    [Fix] Ad-detective: Interactive tab not showing in ad scan params
    [Fix] Audio playback: 8K sampling rate audio doesn't play properly with the DirectSound driver for H.264 files.
    [Fix] Audio: AAC-LC with sampling rate of 24 KHz mistakenly detected as AAC-HE.
    [Fix] Captions: Changed caption header market bit from 0 to 1 in H264 SEI captions.
    [Fix] ES Reader: Tighten check for H.264 videos to prevent MPEG2 program streams being interpreted as H264 ES streams.
    [Fix] File open: MP4/QT file accidentally as a transport stream, failed to open.
    [Fix] GUI: Czech translation, Tools>Options>Playback, EVR video driver option is labeled as duplicate VMR7.
    [Fix] GUI: Error message when joining files with different video codecs incorrect. Missing a '%s'
    [Fix] H.264: Improved sync adjustment when there is missing audio and all video frames are reference frames.
    [Fix] Intel QuickSync: Output profile advanced, GOP size and IDR frequency weren't working.
    [Fix] MP4: Added support for for opening MP4 files with header blocks (zlib support) 
    [Fix] Output Profile: German translation for output profile encoder drop down was incorrect preventing Quick Sync (TVSuite)
    [Fix] Output Profiles: Prevent 2 pass encoding when using Intel QS encoder.
    [Fix] Output: Rotation would cause crash if source chroma is 4:2:2 and output chroma is 4:2:0.
    [Fix] Outputeinterlacer not functioning properly after using new multi-threaded calls.(broke in 750)
    [Fix] Prevent 422/444 with QS encoder
    [Fix] Profile editing: If profile list is grouped, importing a profile doesn't show the new profile until you change the grouping.
    [Fix] Uncompressed: Frame rate of 59.94 incorrectly set as 29.97
    [Fix] XML Parser: Possible crash if trying to open or test an XML file larger than 2GB.
    [Enhancement] Canoe CSV: (VRDPro), when opening a Canoe project look for matching .ts in addition to a matching .mpg
    [Enhancement] Deinterlacing: (VRDPro & Transcoder), If system has 4-7 cores, using 2 deinterlacing threads, if 8+ cores, 4 threads.
    [Enhancement] GUI: (VRDPro) Added pts jitter, difference between actual and calculated PTS value, to the stream internals GOP graph.
    [Enhancement] Help: (VRDPro) add link in help menu to VideoReDo Pro application notes.
    [Enhancement] Watermarking: (VRDPro) Added support Teletrax watermarking.
    [Change] H.264 MXF: (VRDPro) When opening an H.264 MXF file automatically override aspect ratio from MXF container if present.
    [Change] MXF Output: (VRDPro) Added support for MPEG2 4:2:0 output with profile/level: High@Main and High@High.
    [Change] Time display: (VRDPro) On Tools>Options>Navigation, change NPT check box to drop down:
    [Fix] LKFS calculation: (VRDPro) Fixed LKFS setting for non-gated algorithms, BS-1770-3-10 second.
    [Fix] LXF: (VRDPro) Fixed problem with audio / video sync when there is pre-roll.
    [Fix] MXF: (VRDPro) AAC audio in an MXF wrapper, gives multiple audio frame errors due to excess filler.
    [Fix] Prores: (VRDPRO) Converting ANC captions to user data causes GPF.
    [Fix] x264 encoding: (VRDPro) CRF setting on Advanced H.264 tab wasn't working, was always defaulting to 23.
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