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VideoReDo PlusVideoReDo TVSuite with H.264

A non linear MPEG 1/2 editor with advanced features such as commercial detection
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
Latest Version: Beta (details)
OS Support: Windows 98 Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
License: Commercial
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VideoReDo Plus eliminates the quality and performance limitations of typical video editors by quickly editing in Native MPEG (smart rendering), changing only the few frames you change. So you experience a fast, easy, high quality result.

Automatic Repair Synchronization is for those situations where the source material may have transmission errors (Over-Air Broadcasts) or not have the perfect timing required by MPEG digital compression ( Camcorder or VHS to DVD ). VideoReDo Plus is the most reliable way to insure that your video files are in perfect sync prior to burning to DVD.

Frame accurate (frame level) video editing that precisely and reliably edits, cuts and joins at the specific frames you choose. A capability that goes far beyond typical MPEG tools that only cut on GOPs (rough cut-editing).

AdDetective? Commercial Detection takes the pain out of finding the best places to cut advertisements from your videos. AdDetective will scan your files for likely places where advertisements start and end. You can preview and change AdDetective recommendations before editing, or let VideoReDo Plus do the job automatically. The choice is yours.

Works with your standalone DVD Recorder to capture video. All you need to do is drop your DVD onto your PC and edit. We support source files from all major standalone DVD recorders including those that create DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD-RAM.

Real-time preview of your edits allow you to check your work, before saving, to make sure you have selected the optimal frames to cut. Simply click on the preview button or keyboard command and VideoReDo Plus switches instantly to preview mode. You can navigate in preview mode just as you would in edit mode, and our unique preview option lets you tab and preview to each cut point live or on our screen so that you can quickly check each of your cuts.

Work with the widest variety of stream formats. VideoReDo Plus works with the widest variety of native stream formats. So whether you capture or save in program streams, transport streams, or VOB formats, VideoReDo can read them all. Our built in codec's and filters means that VideoReDo will not mess-up or interfere with your existing capture and playback tools.

Sub Editions:

This software has the following sub editions:

VideoReDo Plus


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: AC3, DVD, MP3, SVCD, VCD, VOB
Output Files: AC3, BMP, DVD, MP3, SVCD, VCD, VOB

OS Compatibility:

Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista

Revision History:

Version Beta
  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2019
  • TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-11-16)

    [Enhancement] Ad-detective: When non-interactive ad-detective is finished, play a different sound from a normal file save.
    [Change] DVD output: Internal DVD authoring logic changed to better fit current architecture.
    [Change] GUI: Remove "Use new style file and folder dialogs" from Shift+Tools>Options>Manual.
    [Change] Output Profile: H264 advanced encoding options, added option to disable 8x8 transform.
    [Change] Output Profile: Remove MPEG4 from list of output codecs.
    [Change] Output: Disable transitions when doing QSF.
    [Fix] AC3 encoder: Fixed memory leak.
    [Fix] Activation: Automatic activation not working for all users, manual activation works.
    [Fix] Ad-detective: Add tooltip text to the two icons (pencil and X) in the profile section of the dialog.
    [Fix] BOB deinterlacer: Deinterlacer would crash if output height was not a multiple of 16. Such as 1920x1080.
    [Fix] DVD: Adding a project to DVD splits scenes and uses time codes are description instead of using the file name.
    [Fix] DVD: Background of menu screen is distorted.
    [Fix] DVD: Burning not working in V6.
    [Fix] GUI: Go to time code, using ctrl+v to paste a time code doesn't work.
    [Fix] GUI: Pressing "abort" during save, removes the last added to the cut list.
    [Fix] H.264: Dual pass encoding might stall on second pass.
    [Fix] H.264: Software encoder will error / abort if interlaced and weighted_p frames requested. Disabled weighted_p for interlace.
    [Fix] HEVC: QSF of HEVC source to MP4 file might hang.
    [Fix] Installer: Not setting language code correctly from the installer.
    [Fix] MKV: Wrong frame rate being written to MKV files. (Actually value is frame duration in nsec).
    [Fix] MPEG2 encoding: Memory leak in the mpeg2 encoder could cause application to run out of memory if the output file is > 1.5 GB.
    [Fix] MPEG2 video: Intermittent crash when seeking to end of file. Could also trigger crash at end of ad-detective.
    [Fix] MPEG2 video: Save would stall if source is program stream and audio packets at cut point didn't have a PTS.
    [Fix] MPEG2 video: Wouldn't demux AC3 audio with DVD audio header when the audio header block had an offset of 0.
    [Fix] Output Profile: Intelligent recoding of uncompressed source has really low output bit rate.
    [Fix] Output: File save not letting user specify child folders if default directory in output profile isn't blank.
    [Fix] Profile editor: Changing the file extension causes a crash.
    [Fix] QSF dialog: Manually entering a file name into Input file edit box doesn't work, need to press "Select file".
    [Fix] QSF: If suggested output file name exists it should suggest a new unique one.
    [Fix] WTV output: Non-english characters in the metadata are being messed up in the output file.
    [Fix] (VRDPro) Included missing HEVC support libraries and DLLs.

    TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-10-21)
    [Fix] File open: Unable to open video files > 0.5 GB (broken in build 807)

    TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-10-21)
    [Change] Profile editor: Re-arrange items in "General" and "Video" groups to be more logical.
    [Fix] VList files: Fix to handle unicode folder names. Changed format of .vlst to be .xml.
    [Fix] HEVC: Output would hang if saving to MP4 and first frame of GOP was CRA_NUT instead of IRAP_NUT.
    [Fix] GUI: Purchase link from TVSuite help menu points to TVSuite V5 instead of TVSuite V6.
    [Fix] HEVC output: Intelligent output of HEVC should always use the software encoder and ignore the T>O>Stream encoder setting.
    [Fix] GUI: Intermittent crash on video close which can also occur when opening a 2nd video.
    [Fix] MP4 muxing: Saving to MP4 could trigger DTS greater than PTS.
    [Fix] Ad-detective: When starting ad-detective automatically disable deinterlacer.
    [Fix] Ad-detective: When pause on add scene marker is enabled, video would pause a few seconds after the scene marker.
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