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VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate converts Blu-ray video to almost any format, including DVD, AVI, iPad/iPhone, and video files that work for game consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox 360
Language: English
Ease of use: Not Rated
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OS Support: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
License: Commercial, $USD59.99
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Download: vsoBlurayConverterUltimate_setup.exe   vsoBlurayConverterUltimate_setup.exe

Description:Download a trial version of VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

Download: Official Product Page   Official Product Page

Description:Visit the official product page for VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

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VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate combines VSO's collection of Blu-ray converters into one ultimate package, offering users the ability to convert Blu-ray movies to DVD, AVI, as well as video formats (eg. MP4) that work on devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3.

Supporting NVIDIA CUDA for accelerated processing, VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate also allows you to choose exactly which segments, or the entire disc, to convert.

Subtitle support is also included, and you can select whether to output to SD or HD.


Supported File Formats:

Input Files: Blu-ray
Output Files: AVI, MP4

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Revision History:

  • Release Date: May 24, 2017
  • Download(s):
  • Blu-ray & DVD Converters - Released May 23rd 2017
    - 0013024: [Bug] HTML link highlight only works for first tree item (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0013028: [Feature Request] Configure conversion queuer according to output profile (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012564: [Bug] version info hard to read with default theme (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0013009: [Suggestion] advanced editor opens in upper left of window (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0013010: [Suggestion] default theme - color used for clickable items is dull compared to in CXV (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters -
    - 0013005: [Bug] Access violation when opening app (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0013006: [Bug] titlesets loaded in main interface are not visible with default theme (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters -
    - 0012990: [Bug] conversion of dts mono channel to dts stereo - output plays without audio on some players (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0013001: [Bug] conversion of dts mono channel to dts stereo - output plays without audio on some players (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012997: [Bug] menu thumbnails are not always the same size (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012994: [Bug] make hint more explicit for subtitle offset (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012996: [Feature Request] and to blank box in upper right of interface a label so users know what it is (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012992: [Bug] naming of episodes not correct (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012986: [Bug] project name is not title of title menu but name of 1st video file (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters - 
    - 0012979: [Bug] Max simultaneous conversions not respected in some cases (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012970: [Feature Request] Add new updater functionality (wesson) - resolved.
    - 0012959: [Feature Request] Add log in case of text fit fail (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012951: [Crash] Program doesn't end if closed while conversion is running (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters -
    - 0012944: [Crash] Program crashes if encoding BD HD with chapters menu (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012940: [Bug] Text fit preventing conversion start (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012930: [Bug] program crashes when try to load image as watermark (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012919: [Bug] some ass subtitles when converted to DVD output are black (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012922: [Bug] DVD source not properly read - crashes if asked to seek to 0 (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012916: [Bug] hard to adjust hardware decoding value (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012896: [Bug] HTML display issue with some visual themes (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012901: [Bug] Improve interface theme color customization form (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters -
    - 0012875: [Bug] hangs If we Open and Close Preview window during conversion (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012878: [Bug] Load ANY video, click Advanced Edit and get access violation (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012869: [Feature Request] Add color customization to interface themes (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters - 
    - 0012826: [Crash] Crash with multiple simultaneous hardware encoding (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012858: [Bug] extra chapters are created in blu-ray structure in trial mode (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012855: [Bug] 2 pass conversions stop at 50% (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012854: [Bug] setting resolution in custom profile to 575p when opened up again displays 1080p (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012853: [Bug] Frame rate not respected for BDMV user profiles (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012845: [Bug] Particular Blu-Ray not loading (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012835: [Bug] Memory leak when opening cluster (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012831: [Bug] av when open and try to shutdown computer (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012822: [Bug] app minimizes to try when it should not go to tray (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012824: [Bug] advanced editor window opens across several monitors (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters - 
    - 0012810: [Bug] Wrong message when trying to load a deleted file from history (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012745: [Bug] target size not respected converting to blu-ray (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012806: [Crash] Program crashes if too many simultaneous conversions are requested (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012804: [Bug] Title issue when converting to structure (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012802: [Bug] log shows incorrect value of output size (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012800: [Bug] problem with listing of chapter points in final menu and in advanced editing window - happens only with some blu-rays (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012792: [Bug] "operation complete" does not play if burning (felicia) - resolved.

    Blu-ray & DVD Converters - Released March 20th 2017
    - 0009124: [Bug] cant scroll to bottom of log (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0009254: [Bug] film is pixalized with bad sound in preview and output (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012788: [Bug] Quick settings not applyed until program restarts (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012786: [Bug] Missing description for some disc items (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012778: [Information] improve speed of audio normalization (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012783: [Bug] conversion fails with some audio streams with "convert dts to ac3" UN-checked (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012763: [Feature Request] Remember log form position & size (felicia) - resolved.
    - 0012769: [Bug] Error while loading particular Blu-Ray (felicia) - resolved.

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