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Version 2019.08.27 Version 2019.08.25
  • Release Date: Aug 25, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • jobs: removed unneeded copy call during subtitle speed-change
    • Avisynth: FrameRateConverter
    • Analysis: adjusted to MediaInfo reporting 'TrueHD / AC-3' streams as just 'AC-3'
    • Analysis: chapter info parsing from mediainfo
    • video: some ffmpeg nvenc options
    • subs: automatic extraction of PGS subtitles from transport streams
    • Vapoursynth: waifux dependency loading
    • jobs: mkvmerge call input detection checks
    • muxing: tsMuxer call
    • analysis: raw audio handling
    • jobs: Avisynth/Vapoursynth: DGIndexNV log cleanup
    • analysis: AutoCrop for Blu-ray/mpls input
    • muxing: force 1:1 signaling in case input and output PAR differ
    • Avisynth: Preview refresh problem
    • video: NvEncLogicService errors/crash
    • video: support adaptive quantization nvenc / ffnvenc
    • Vapoursynth: adjusted to lates DFTTest changes
    • jobs: process priority only on Windows systems
    • analysis: ffmpeg direct timecode extraction
    • Vapoursynth: used sub.TextFile for .srt subtitles (VsFilter is Windows only :/)
    • Vapoursynth: adjusted to HDR10ToSDRDG 1.12
    • Analysis: if time code count and indicated frame count differ more than 1000 frames use time code count as frame count
    • Global: don't check for avsviewer when no Avisynth is detected, don't check for VSPIPE or VSViewer, when Vapoursynth isn't detected
    • video: adjusted to x265 3.1, rewrote x265-"minimize command line"
    • Preview: report Avisynth and Vapoursynth Errors not through popups, but through an entry into the log
    • gui: option to 'ask for confirmation' in multiple places
    • gui: optional warnings when deleting/resetting/... stuff
    • jobs: auto save after adding jobs option
    • video: support for const quality in ffmpeg (nvenc)
    • video: support for NVEncCs 'constant quality'-mode
    • video: x265, support for adaptive quantization mode 4
    • video: x265, support hierarchical motion estimation (--hme/--hme-search)
    • video: nvenc, support --dhdr10-info, allow aq-strength for H.265, --nonrefp, i/b adapt
    • jobs: 'ignore crashed'-option
    • Vapoursynth: vs subtitle blend option
    • Vapoursynth: 'custom font path'-option
    • audio: support for libvo (since ffmpeg dropped support for it back in 2016)
Version 2019.06.09.2 Version 2019.06.09
  • Release Date: Jun 9, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • Vapoursynth: embedding idx/sub and sup subtitles
    • Filtering: crop only bug
    • Xvid: decimal/fraction in mencoder
    • Files: Do not allow semicolon or other separator used by Hybrid inside input and output file names.
    • Mp4Box: mp4box vfr handling
    • Avisynth: HDRAGC min grain option
    • Avisynth: Flash3K Deband defaults
    • NVEnc: allow aq-strength for H.265
    • NVEnc: rearranges layout
    • Decoder: prefer ffmpeg as decoder for > 8Bit output
    • FFNvEnc: tier-support added missing level 51
    • QSVEnc: fixed --weightp support
    • x265: adjusted to 'committed 4583000' "Changed the params max-merge to 3, b-intra enabled, limit-ref and early-skip enabled for improved performance for high res"
    • Vapoursynth: replaced '' with ''
    • NVEnc: support --dhdr10-info, --nonrefp, --no-i-adapt, --no-b-adapt, --direct, --adapt-transform, --weightp, --strict-gop
    • Tags: option to set copyright info
Version 2019.05.05
  • Release Date: May 5, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • jobs: unwarrented warning about 'You are creating a job without audio, while the input has audio!' during batch processing
    • ffmpeg: tonemap sd range missing
    • Avisynth: amDCT Prefetch missing
    • Muxing: Mp4Box + chapters + Parallel subjob processing
    • NVEnc: 'Parallel subjob processing' + keyfile caused crash
    • Vapoursynth: LSFMod options matching code (missed version)
    • Avisynth: NNEDI3Resize missing prescreen mode 0
    • x26X: parallel subjob processing .mbtree-system cleanup triggered too early
    • Muxing: MP4Box 'flattening'-call handling
    • jobs: Subjobs that took longer to delete
    • ffnvenc: bsf written
    • Vapoursynth: rotation handling
    • VP9: color space grayed initially out
    • NVEnc: file size calculation adjustment
    • Subtitle: subtitle order mixup
    • filtering: 'Force 4:4:4 downsize' with 'no XSynth'
    • Avisynth: LSMASHVideoSource + hight bit depth source
    • Vaporoursynth: MCDegrainSharp, libmvtools dependency
    • jobs: show fps when mencoder is used
    • muxing: cosmetic glitch caused ffmpeg for ts muxing to be disabled
    • jobs: mencoder getting stuck on mencoder job
    • jobs: mencoder progress indication during Xvid encoding
    • jobs: Abort subjob processing if another subjob is aborted/postponed/stopped/...
    • Vapoursynth: default filter order (rotation before resize)
    • Avisynth: use Prefetch() with "cpu count / 2" instead of "cpu count" when MT-Threads is set to 0
    • mencoder: use fractions when specifiying ofps
    • muxing: added 'insertSEI, contSPS' to tsMuxeR muxing call
    • filtering: 'rotate' 'auto' option
    • Avisynth: MvToolsFPSmod
    • Vapoursynth: added TimeCube to apply LUTs for Color Correction
    • Avisynth: MCDegrainSharp
Version 2019.03.14
  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • Avisynth: loading FFms2k
    • input: MakeMKV input handling
    • Avisynth: updated extension version,..
    • jobs: enforce negative audio delay fixing with ffmpeg for mov output
    • jobs: enforce cfr decoding for mov output
    • Avisynth: ChannelMixer
Version 2019.03.04 Version 2019.03.01
  • Release Date: Mar 2, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • QSVEnc: typo when using HDR signaling
    • avi: container tagging
    • Avisynth: ConvertBits, don't use dither (stupid idea, since it's already handled when needed)
    • Video: timecode files not created on all video formats
    • x265: cu lossless not disabled when it has no effect
    • Vaporusynth: mClean call
    • QSVEnc: HDR signaling (typo)
    • video: timcode handling with delays
    • video: support rav1e bitrate&2pass bitrate encoding
    • Vapoursynth: nnedi3cl support to nnedi3aa
Version 2019.02.23
  • Release Date: Feb 23, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • *added*
    • Vapoursynth: MLDegrain, MDering, aaf, DaaMod, Tweak, SmoothGrad
    • Avisynth: MPEG2DecPlus
    • muxing: no explixit PAR (during muxing) signaling when XPS is enabled
    • muxing: hevc brand signaling
    • Avisynth/Vapoursynth: ffmsindex call for mkv(vp9) content
    • Vapoursynth: d2vsource call, accidentally contained 'rff=False' for NTSC sources.
    • Jobs: to wav job creation
    • Preview: MPlayer not properly closing
    • Avisynth: use ConvertBits with full=true for PC scale
    • Analysis: ImageSequence try 'Image' and 'Video'
    • video: adjusted autoAltRef for vp9 and av1
    • x265: rearranged x265->Singaling tab
    • Vapoursynth: added OpenCL parameter to SMDeGrain
    • lots of internal code changes
    • Avisynth: lower threads in Prefetch
    • Vapoursynth: DGDecIM support since it's not developed any more and doesn't work with latest drivers.
Version 2019.01.06
  • Release Date: Jan 6, 2019
  • Download(s):
  • *added*
    • subtitle: subtilte only extraction for mkv input
    • subtitle: support extraction of dvb_subs as vobsub subtitles when they are inside an mkv container
    • video: Xvid 2pass bitrate adjustment
    • automation: handling of aborted subtitle extraction
    • internal: changed the logging
    • decoding: enforce cfr decode on fps scaling
Version 2018.12.23
  • Release Date: Dec 24, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • subs: extract dvb as vobsub subtitles when they are inside an mkv container
    • QSVEnc: remember HEVC 10bit support
    • Jobs: image sequence job handling
    • Jobs: mp4fpsmod input detection
    • Jobs: NVEncC input detection
    • Vapoursynth: handling 'cfr output'
    • decode: enforce cfrDecode on scaleFPS
Version 2018.12.09
  • Release Date: Dec 9, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    jobs: deleting *.sub files
    Vapoursynth: mClean, missing libtemporalmedian dependency
    Subs: use more digits when calculation stretch factor
    Avisynth: selectEvery + Avisynth Filter View
    Avisynth: Preview filter reload
    Jobs: vpx mkv checks
    x265: minimize command line + weightb and preset slower+
    models: error messages about models which weren't created due to hardware/os limitations
    Avisynth: job id wasn't replaced when using dgindex
    jobs: parallel subjob-processing, process subjobs out of order and in parallel if possible
    muxing: use FFmpeg, enforces the use of ffmpeg as muxer, might be useful for bitrate stuffing
    Qt Windows: using Qt 5.12 now for Hybrid
    code: some rearraning, which might speedup the startup when Avisynth is disabled.
Version 2018.11.11
  • Release Date: Nov 11, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • models: error messages about models which weren't created due to hardware/os limitations
    • jobss: Avisynth, job id wasn't replaced
Version 2018.11.05 Version 2018.11.01
  • Release Date: Nov 2, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • output: mp4 output naming during batch processing
    • analysis: mkv default&forced track detection
    • video: support rav1e '--keyint'
    • Qt Linux: min. version is now Qt 5.5.1
Version 2018.10.21
  • Release Date: Oct 21, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • Analysis: mediainfo dts-hd detection
    • Input: Input par not properly reset when 'Input PAR' was manually changed for previous source
    • Audio: output created in temp folder in some cases with audio only output
    • Video: splitting an mkv with split chapter, deleting of temp file
    • Jobs: minimize job description for webm muxing
    • Filtering: crash when using ToneMap (No XSynth)
    • Video: crash when changing values in 'ffmpeg (NVEnc)'
    • Video: AV1, adjusted aomenc bit-depth and color sampling restrictions
    • Cosmetics: x265, finer control over qcomp
    • Input: disabling crop when loading a new single source and autocrop isn't enabled
    • Input: disabling 'convert output par to' when loading a new single source
    • Output: support mkv(av1), mp4(av1), mp4(vp9) (requires latest mkvmerge and mp4box)
    • Vapoursynth: updated to R45
    • Video: NVEncC, trim used with cut (Windows only)
    • Video: NVEncC, only add VUI parameters when they are enabled (Windows only)
    • GUI: Added warning when drivers seem to be too old to work with NVEncC (Windows only)
    • Vapoursynth: HDRToSDR by DG support (Windows only)
Version 2018.10.07
  • Release Date: Oct 8, 2018
  • Download(s):
    • *fixed*
      • Filtering: FFmpeg deinterlacer
      • Output: File name generation using chapter names
      • Subtitle: convertion from ass -> txt
      • Vapoursynth: Histogram in Preview
      • Windows: progress indication after minimize and restore
      • Adjusted to QSVEncC 3.09 (Windows only)
      • Analysis: subtitle analysis through MediaInfo, due to changes in MediaInfo
      • Analysis: ignore audio languages which are not ISO 3166-1 alpha-2/3 conform
      • Analysis: handling apcm_adx audio in mpeg container, since MediaInfo reports this wrong atm.
      • Avisynth: set output depth explicitly
      • General: Close Hybrid on Windows in case it's running with administrator rights.
      • General: monitoring and file input.
      • Misc: misc.ini got an 'runAsAdmin' option, if you use it don't complain in case Hybrid messes up your system
      • Tags: tags clearing on file change.
      • Video: Removed NVEnc MB check, since NVEncC doesn't read max MB and doesn't report it anymore (Windows only)
      • Filtering: FFmpeg vidstab support
      • Vapoursynth: mClean
      • Video: NVEnc, key-frames on chapter start option (Windows only)
      • Video: QSVEnc HDR signaling support (Windows only)
      • Video: AV-1 support through aomenc and rav1e
      • Filtering: 'mcdeint' support since it was removed from mencoder/mplayer
    • *notice*
      • Not releasing any Mac versions for the time being. (I don't have acces to a mac anymore.)
Version 2018.08.05
  • Release Date: Aug 6, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • General: properly detect gpus with 'Mobile' in it's name
    • Analysis: Image/Video reporting in MediaInfo for an Image sequence
    • Audio: aften ac3 encoding
    • Avisynth: Image Sequence + Denoiser + only filter dark
    • Vapoursynth: Range conversion by setting the '_ColorRange' beforehand according to 'X' in 'X->Y'
    • Avisynth: pc scale handling
    • Vapoursynth: set range on resize, full range -> x264/x265
    • Audio: fixed dts encoding
    • Avisynth: QTGMC Sharpness value
    • Avisynth: FrameRateConverter + don't hide defaults
    • Vapoursynth: vsCustomAdditions
    • Avisynth: custom 'before End', 'defore DeInterlace'
    • Vapoursynth: vsDeGrainMedianModeY limit to 5
    • Avisynth: using Avisynth+ now
    • Tools: adjusted to latest QSVEncC
    • Avisynth: removed avsCutSupport button, since avsViewer doesn't support it atm.
    • Input: restrict accept button in ImageSequenceDialog
    • Avisynth: TUnsharp, SmoothCurve, SmoothTweak(16), SmoothLevels16, SmoothLevels, DeblockPP7, Deblock, ColorBalance, BucketMedian, MedianBlur2
    • Avisynth: ColorYUV support which allows LumaRange change
    • Vapoursynth: MiniDeen, HQDN3D
    • Video: support some of NVEncCs VPP filters
    • Video: NVEncC support for 'use encoder only'-option
    • Input: ffmpeg hwaccel choice
Version 2018.06.23
  • Release Date: Jun 24, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • Synth: bunch of fixes for Avisynth and Vapoursynth filtering
    • Avisynth: custom filter order and additions
    • Vapoursynth: always using DeCross
    • Vapoursynth: some additional color space limitations added to some filters
    • general: code for loading profiles
    • ffmpeg: changed 'limited' to 'tv' and 'full' to 'pc'
Version 2018.06.18
  • Release Date: Jun 19, 2018
  • Download(s):
  • *fixed*
    • Vapoursynth: adjusted AddLogo to handle Logos with uneven resolutions
    • x265: --analysis-reuse-level
    • Avisynth: SMDEGrain defaults
    • qtgmc sharpness
    • Avisynth: CustomName fixed for AutoAdjust
    • Vapoursynth: DeCross
    • Vapoursynth: Histogram for preview
    • Filtering: remove logo path in case logo doesn't exist
    • Vapoursynth: better handle uneven resolutions and RGB input

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