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MPAA Claims 70% of Kodi Users Are Pirates

Posted by: , 19:58 AEDT, Sat November 11, 2017

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Kodi under renewed attack from the MPAA over piracy links
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The MPAA has sensationally claimed that almost 70% of Kodi users are pirates.

The MPAA made the claim during a panel discussion hosted by the Copyright Alliance, the Hollywood trade group also describing streaming piracy as the next generation of piracy, or Piracy 3.0.

During the discussion, a live demo of Kodi was set up to demonstrate how easy it was to obtain pirated content, if the right add-ons are installed.

The makers of Kodi, the XBMC Foundation, maintain that the media platform, previously known as XBMC and for exclusive use with the Xbox console, is completely legal and that they do not endorse any piracy add-ons that people are free to add to their Kodi installs. In fact, the XBMC Foundation have even threatened to take legal action against makers of piracy add-ons in the past.

The MPAA estimates that there are 38 million users of Kodi around the world, a figure that the XBMC Foundation do not dispute. However, the MPAA's claim that 68.5% of Kodi users pirate movies of TV shows, according to the XBMC Foundation, is almost impossible to prove or disprove, because the Kodi platform strictly prohibits measuring and storing such data.

Regardless, it seems streaming piracy is now the new target of the creative industry, and Kodi appears to be at the frontlines of the new war. Just last month, the MPAA, along with Amazon and Netflix, sued a maker of a Kodi powered media box that had bundled piracy add-ons with their box.

[via TorrentFreak]


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