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Nintendo NX Rumors: More Powerful Than PS4, Getting Wii U 'Zelda', 'Smash Bros' Ports

Posted by: , 17:19 AEST, Fri April 15, 2016

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Latest rumors sees the NX being faster than the PS4 "by a noticeable amount"
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Image/Photo Credit: pop culture geek @ Flickr, CC

The latest rumors surrounding Nintendo's next console seems to suggest it may be more powerful than the PS4, and that a slate of the most popular Wii U games are already being ported over to the new console.

A person that claims to have insider knowledge posted on the development of the NX shared the information on the gaming forum NeoGAF. The poster, which has been verified by moderators as someone who is potentially a source of reliable information, says the NX will be a real powerhouse.

"The NX will be more powerful than the PS4. 'By a noticeable amount'. From the CPU, to GPU, to RAM. Sources don't know the clock speeds, or memory type or amount of memory. But if the CPU is 15-30% stronger than PS4 as alluded to by LCGeek, than the GPU would need to match that bump in order to not bottleneck (Nintendo hates their bottlenecks)," the post read.

In a separately posted rumor on Twitter by another inside, it appears Nintendo is already working on porting some of the most popular Wii U games to the NX. The tweets, posted by Emily Rogers, an insider with a proven track record in delivering Nintendo leaks, lists the games that are already in development for the NX.

"The following Wii U ports in development for NX: Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Maker, Splatoon. But...and yes there's a But"," Rogers tweeted. "Just because something is in development doesn't mean it'll be released. So either all four of these ports will come...or only two of them," and "I spoke with at least 10 people regarding these four ports. Splatoon is up in the air. Zelda/Smash Bros sound like guarantees."

With the industry's biggest trade show, E3, being staged in June, Nintendo could very well use that opportunity to officially unveil the NX.


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