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EA Boss Accidentally Leaks Xbox One Sales Figures

Posted by: , 16:33 AEDT, Thu February 4, 2016

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EA CEO accidentally reveals Xbox One lifetime sales numbers, and they don't look good compared to the PS4
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Image/Photo Credit: Mark Farrell @ Flickr, CC

EA's boss may have accidentally let known how many Xbox One consoles have been sold so far. It's a number that Microsoft wants to keep secret, so they do not reveal just how far behind in sales their flagship console is compared to Sony's record selling PS4 console.

EA CEO Blake Jorgensen revealed the company's own estimate for the total number of consoles in this current generation in EA's latest financial report, a number that, once combined with Sony's official sales figures for the PS4, would reveal the Xbox One numbers.

"The console purchases up through the end of calendar year 2015, our estimate is 55 million units out there, which has exceeded virtually everyone’s forecast for the year, and is now almost 50% higher than the previous console cycle," writes Jorgensen in the report.

Sony previously announced that 35.9 million PS4s have been sold up to the end of the 2015 holiday period, and when combined with the above 55 million figure (and with EA not really working with the Wii U), this would leave roughly 19 million Xbox Ones being sold so far.

This would suggest that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by almost a 2:1 margin, which is not particularly far off previous estimates. 

Despite Microsoft's lagging sales, the company says it's happy with how the Xbox One is doing, the console is still outselling the Xbox 360 at the same stage of its lifecycle.


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