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New Ultra HD Blu-ray Website Promotes New Format's Benefits

Posted by: , 16:43 AEDT, Sun November 29, 2015

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BDA keen to educate users about UHD Blu-ray's better resolution, color depth, framerate and HDR support
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The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has launched a new promotional website extolling the benefits of the new Ultra HD (UHD) Blu-ray disc format over existing Blu-ray and SD movies.

Ultra HD Blu-ray movies will start appearing on store shelves in early 2016, and apart from having four times as many pixels as standard Blu-ray movies, the BDA was also keen to point out the other improvements over HD and SD.

For example, UHD Blu-ray movies are capable of storing and displaying more than twice as many colors compared to Blu-ray, up to 76% of the colors the human eye can see.

The website also features interactive comparisons showing off UHD Blu-ray's High Dynamic Range support and support for 60 fps content.

A spokesperson for the BDA told website TWICE that the group is committed to educating consumers about the key benefits of UHD Blu-ray.

"The BDA is working on both retail and consumer education programs that will speak to not only Ultra HD Blu-ray but more generally to some of the more critical aspects of UHD such as HDR and wide color gamut, among others," the spokesperson said.


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