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Ubisoft Financial Report Shows PS4 Games Easily Outselling Xbox One

Posted by: , 18:08 AEST, Mon July 13, 2015

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Ubisoft's sales data clearly shows the PS4's dominance over the Xbox One
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Image/Photo Credit: Mark Farrell @ Flickr, CC

Game publisher Ubisoft's Q1 financial report shows that the French multinational gaming company is selling many more games on the PS4 than on the Xbox One.

For the three-month period between April and June, 27 percent of Ubisoft's software sales belonged to games being sold on the PS4 platform. Ubisoft's next best selling platform was the PC with 23%, while the Xbox One's share was only 11%.

With Ubisoft not really in the business of selling PS4 exclusive games, this suggest that the PS4's install base is currently much greater than that of the Xbox One, or that PS4 gamers are more eager buyers.

Ubisoft's numbers show some dramatic shifts in the company's core business over the last year, although last year's situation may have been a one-off due to the success of mega-hit 'Watch Dogs'. Ubisoft's PC business rose from 14% to 23% of all software sales from Q1 of last year, while non console platforms such as tablets and mobile gaming also rose from 1% to 14%.

Last-gen console sales dropped as expected, with PS3 sales dropping the most from 17% to 11%, and Xbox 360 sales also falling to 11% (from 14%). This puts the Xbox One at the same level as the last-gen consoles, sales wise.

PS4's share of software sales also declined from 36% to 27%.

As for the Wii and Wii U, the percentage of sales rose slightly, but it remains only 3% of all software sales for Ubisoft.


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