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Nintendo's Next Console May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think

Posted by: , 21:27 AEDT, Thu January 15, 2015

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Nintendo ready to release new console in 2016?
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Image/Photo Credit: pop culture geek @ Flickr, CC

Nintendo started talking to third-party hardware suppliers 18 months ago about the successor to the Wii U, according to Digital Foundry.

Nintendo may have talked to two hardware manufacturers, AMD and Imagination Technologies, about providing hardware for Nintendo's next console. 

This follows hints released by AMD a few weeks ago regarding a new processor that the hardware firm has designed for a new console to be released in 2016.

According to the analysis by Digital Foundry, Nintendo's new console is likely to be more "adaptable, flexible and capable" to run the same code across both mobile and home based platforms, much like how Android and iOS apps work on smartphones as well as big screen tablets. The fact that Nintendo is working with Imagination Technologies, makers of the PowerVR chip used on iPads and iPhones, seems to provide confirmation of their design philosophy for the new console.

The current Wii U console has been lagging behind in sales compared to the current top two consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One. With game developers also largely ignoring the platform, Nintendo will hope that a new console, possibly set for a 2016 release date, will help the company turn things around.


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