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BitTorrent Users More Likely to Pay for Music, Movies

Posted by: , 22:47 AEDT, Fri November 21, 2014

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BitTorrent users, far from being leeching pirates, are also bigger spenders than the average Internet user
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Image/Photo Credit: nrkbeta @ Flickr, CC

A survey conducted by BitTorrent Inc has found that BitTorrent users are much more likely to pay for music and movies than the average Internet user.

The survey, which took place in September and involved 2,500 respondents, looked at the movie and music purchasing habits of BitTorrent users and found some surprising results.

An amazing 50% of those that responded say they buy music each and every month, making BitTorrent users, or at least those surveyed, 170% more likely to pay for music than compared to an average Internet user.

For paid streaming services like Spotify Premium, those surveyed are 8 times more likely to pay for such a service than average users. This is based on stats released by the music industry's own copyright lobby, which found that only 2% of Internet users have signed up for a premium account (compared to 16% of those surveyed).

On average, BitTorrent users spend on average $48 on music per year. Money that BitTorrent Inc hope that users will start spending on their own paywall music platform, BitTorrent Bundle. BitTorrent Bundle allows artists to distribute music directly via the BitTorrent platform using the company's own paygate system, allowing artists to received up to 90% of all revenue from music sales on the platform.

"BitTorrent Bundle was started based on this premise and we have more than 10,000 artists now signed up, with more to come. With 90% of purchase going to the content creators, BitTorrent Bundle is the most artist friendly, direct-to-fan distribution platform on the market," BitTorrent Inc.'s Director of Communications Christian Averill told BitTorrent news website TorrentFreak.

For movies, the results are just as encouraging. 52% of respondents say they buy movies on a monthly basis, with over a third of users spending more than $100 annually. 47% also paid to watch a movie at the cinemas in the preceding 12 month.

The enthusiasm of users when it comes to spending money, the same users often accused of being nothing but hardcore pirates, comes as no surprise to BitTorrent Inc's Christian Averill. And even those on the pro-copyright side have come to admit that pirates are also customers, sometimes the best customers when it comes to both music and movies.

"The results confirm what we knew already, that our users are super fans. They are consumers of content and are eager to reward artists for their work," says Averill.


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