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Apple Cracking down on Music Downloading Apps?

Posted by: , 21:32 AEST, Sat June 14, 2014

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Apple may be doing a bit of house cleaning by booting apps that allow copyrighted music to be downloaded, while also targeting apps that post excessively to social media (Candy Crush, anyone?)
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Image/Photo Credit: PhotoAtelier @ Flickr, CC

According to MacRumors, Apple may be clamping down on apps that offer music download capabilities, especially those that skirt around copyright restrictions.

Users searching for "music download" on the Apple App Store are now being shows apps that do not allow the download of music, including Spotify and Apple's own iTunes Radio app.

MacRumors also resports that some app developers have received notices from Apple to remove music downloading functions from their apps.

While copyright concerns may be behind the latest App Store restructuring, another theory is that these changes are more to do with cleaning up the App Store in anticipation of the release of iOS 8 later this year.

This second theory is supported by the fact that Apple will start banning apps that force excessive social media sharing, such as apps that post too frequently to Facebook in order to promote the app. Apps that incentivize ad watching in exchange for in-game rewards are also being targeted.


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