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Zona: Popcorn Time On Steroids

Posted by: , 13:24 AEST, Sun April 27, 2014

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A new super consumer friendly piracy tool combines the best of Popcorn Time, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Spotify and adds tons of other really useful features
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It appears that the era of super consumer friendly piracy tools is here, with Zona set to reshape how pirates get their fix.

Just last month saw the introduction of Popcorn Time, the short-lived "Netflix like" pirated movie streamer that promised to make piracy easier than ever. The service was shut down almost as quickly as it was launched, possibly due to pressure from rights holders.

But a new software is set to do everything Popcorn Time did, and a lot more. The Russian based Zona offers the same kind of slick user interface that made critics call Popcorn Time the "Netflix of piracy", but it also offers so many other additional features. Features such as movie downloading (and not just streaming), multiple audio/subtitle track support, TV series subscriptions and live TV streaming including sporting events. It also offers radio streaming and access to millions of music tracks.

Best of all, it's also available on Android for those keen on a spot of mobile piracy. Those with big screen TVs are also catered, as Zona can stream to any DLNA-enable TV.

No doubt Zona will now attract the unwanted attention of rights holders, but a new era in consumer friendly piracy might just be the biggest threat to them yet.


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