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Game of Thrones Crowned King of Pirated Downloads For 2013

Posted by: , 05:03 AEDT, Sun December 29, 2013

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Season finale of Game of Thrones officially the most downloaded TV show episode for 2013, easily beating the series finale of Breaking Bad
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The season finale of HBO's epic TV series Game of Thrones battled hard against competition from AMC's Breaking Bad to be crowned the most pirated TV episode of 2013.

Nearly 6 millions might have downloaded the season finale of HBO's fantasy series, according to stats obtained by file sharing news website TorrentFreak, beating the series finale of Breaking Bad by 1.7 million downloads. Most of these downloads took place during the first week 

The final episode of the third season of Game of Thrones attracted so many downloaders that it outnumbered the estimated number of TV viewers for the same episode (estimated at 5.5 million). Even among the top 10 most downloaded TV shows in 2013, this was a rare phenomenon, with Breaking Bad's finale viewership numbers being more than twice that of its download figures. HBO's exclusivity and premium pricing may be responsible.

In third place was The Walking Dead, with 3.6 million downloads compared to a viewership number of 16 million.

2013 has been a bumper year for TV piracy, with Game of Thrones leading the way. The hit show has already managed to break two BitTorrent piracy records, one for the season premier and one for the finale.

You can view the complete top 10 list by visiting TorrentFreak.


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