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RIAA to Sued File Sharer: Be Our Mouthpiece and We'll Reduce the Damages

Posted by: , 22:15 AEST, Fri July 12, 2013

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The RIAA has asked Jammie Thomas-Rasset to make a public statement against piracy in exchange for a reduction to the $222,000 in awarded damages that she owes them
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The world's most famous music pirate, once told to pay $1.92 million for downloading 24 songs, has been told by the RIAA that the damages due can be reduced if she becomes the RIAA's mouthpiece on anti-piracy.

The RIAA, the music industry's copyright lobby, first sued Jammie Thomas-Rasset in 2007, and through a series of court decisions, subsequent appeals, the single mother now owns the billion dollar music industry $222,000.

Following a failed bid to get the supreme court to hear her case on constitutional grounds, the RIAA has now made what they refer to as a "gesture of good will" towards Thomas-Rasset by offering to reduce or even eliminate the damages in exchange for her speaking in support of the RIAA's anti-piracy policies.

But Thomas-Rasset's response to the "public-service announcement" request was clear cut: "I'm not doing it!"

Thomas-Rasset's attorney, Michael Wilson, has hinted that Thomas-Rasset may have to eventually file for bankruptcy to put finally conclude her 6 year ordeal.

The RIAA says they are also open to other non-monetary ways to settle this case once and for all. "We have communicated to Ms. Thomas that we would consider a variety of non-monetary settlement options, which is up to her to offer. We think this is a gesture of a good will and we're doing what we can to resolve this case in a manner that works for everyone," the RIAA said via a statement.


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