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Reddit Target Republican Congressman Paul Ryan Over His SOPA Support

Posted by: , 17:19 AEDT, Tue January 3, 2012
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Reddit users have switched from targeting GoDaddy to targeting politicians that support SOPA, with the latest target being Rep. Paul Ryan, despite the Congressman's assertions that he hasn't made up his mind on SOPA yet

Operation Pull Ryan has been launched by members of the popular Internet forum, Reddit - a campaign to oust the high profile Republican congressman over his apparent support for the controversial Stop Onlin Piracy Act (SOPA).

However, it appears that Rep. Paul Ryan has yet made us his mind on whether SOPA deserves his support, at least according to his spokesperson.

"He (Ryan) remains committed advancing policies which protect free speech and foster innovation online and will continue to follow the House Judiciary Committee’s deliberations on this issue carefully," said his spokesperson.

Still, this has not deterred supporters of Operation Pull Ryan, and they have vowed to help his opponent, Democrat Rob Zerban, get elected. Zerban recently participated in a Reddit discussion session, where he outlined his opposition to SOPA.

During the last few weeks of 2011, Reddit successfully forced domain registration firm GoDaddy to change their pro-SOPA stance, by threatening a boycott of the company.


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