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Righthaven Legal Bill Nearly Doubled, US Marshals Now Involved

Posted by: , 17:31 AEDT, Fri November 4, 2011
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Righthaven may face the wrath of the US Marshals service if they do not pay cost in a lost lawsuit, costs which have nearly doubled due to Righthaven's refusal to pay up

Righthaven must rue the day that they decided to sue one Wayne Hoehn, because the company must now pay the man more than $63,700 in legal fees, or the US Marshals service will have to intervene.

Not only did the copyright firm, notorious for suing bloggers and non-profits for even partial use of newspaper articles, lose the case against Hoehn, Hoehn's lawyers asked for cost to be paid, and because Righthaven has not been forthcoming with the payment, the initial $34,000 amount has now almost doubled to $63,700. Righthaven has said that they could not pay the original amount as it would put the firm close to bankruptcy, but the Nevada federal court was not sympathetic to Righthaven's plight and instead added an additional $29,000 to the amount for interest and additional incurred costs.

And Hoehn's lawyers, noting that Righthaven hasn't been responsive to paying, has asked and been granted the help of the US Marshals service, as the judge ruled that the US Marshals are now "authorized to use reasonable force in the execution of this judgement."

The US Marshals will have the power to seize Righthaven's bank accounts, real estate holdings and personal property in order to fulfil the court's order, and Hoehn's lawyers are eager to engage in their services. "We do intend to use this, and any resources that we can bring to bear, in order to finally receive justice for our client ... We certainly do not feel badly about how this might affect them," wrote Hoehn's attorney Marc Randazza in an email.


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