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Google: We've Been Busy And Successful With Our Anti-Piracy Work

Posted by: , 18:37 AEST, Sat September 3, 2011

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Google says they've done a lot of hard work in tackling the Net piracy issue, and their new tools, filters and review process is now better than ever

Google revealed this Friday that they've worked hard, introducing new tools and streamlined existing procedures to help combat net piracy.

A new set of tools that Google released earlier in the year now allow content to be removed from Google search results within 24 hours, while at the same time, streamlining the process of submitting DMCA 'takedown' requests for content holders. The tool is already being used by more than a dozen industry partners, and will be offered to others that have shown a good track record for legitimate takedown notices.

Google also revealed they've started tackling the issue of advertisements on websites that violate copyright. Google's AdSense allows webmasters to earn revenue from advertising, and many piracy websites in the past have taken advantage to the disgust of content holders. Google will now provide finer control for advertisers when it comes to placing ads, as well as a more streamlined review process for suspension of accounts for websites deemed to be "bad" by content holders.

Amongst other changes more filtering of piracy related keywords for Google's "autosuggest" feature, terms such as "torrent" and "rapidshare", and will also promote and offer more legal content via YouTube and Google eBookstore.


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