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Dead Person Sued For Copyright Infringement, While 'The Expendables' Lawsuits Dropped

Posted by: , 13:54 AEST, Sat August 27, 2011

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'The Hurt Locker' producers start suing the deceased, and 'The Expendables' lawsuit dropped, only to be later refiled to make it more "judge-proof"

If 70 year old grandmas and a blind man can be sued for downloading porn videos, then it only makes sense that the dead can also be sued too.

The people behind 'The Hurt Locker' lawsuit wants to put someone else in the hurt locker, by taking them to court. The only slight problem is that the person is already dead. TorrentFreak reports that a letter containing the standard "pay up or we'll sue" letter was returned to the U.S. District Court this week, after it appeared that the defendant had already passed away. Whether the defendant passed away before the alleged act of copyright infringement occurred, or after, it isn't known, but also as TorrentFreak reports, this isn't even the first time the deceased has been in the targets of a copyright lawsuits, with the RIAA previously attempting the same before suing the deceased's children (after a 60 day grieving period, of course).

Meanwhile, the US Copyright Group's other major lawsuit, for the film 'The Expendables', has had a major development this week. The production company hiring the services of USCG, Nu Image, has decided to voluntarily dismiss all remaining defendants in the case. This is most likely in response to a recent court decision in which a Washington judge forced Nu Image to drop all defendants that were clearly not under the jurisdiction of that particular judge.

But Nu Image doesn't plan to give up on this lucrative business, instead, they will ask their attorneys at the USCG to refile the case and localise it in at least 10 different locations around the country, to ensure no problems (or fewer problems) with jurisdiction. 

Not only that, Nu Image plans to expand the lawsuit for more movies, including Drive Angry and The Mechanic. And most interestingly, Nu Image also signalled an intention to sue those that have downloaded the still-in-cinemas Conan the Barbarian. This box office flop, and Nu Image, is itself the target of a lawsuit by Stan Lee Media, Inc (no longer associated with the comic book legend) over character rights.

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