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FBI Arrests Anonymous Associates, Anonymous Continues Cyber Attacks

Posted by: , 16:34 AEST, Fri July 22, 2011
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The FBI is finally taking action against hackers from the hacktivist group Anonymous, but these latest actions seems to have only spurred members of the group into ramping up their hacking activities

Hacktivism group Anonymous has been making headlines throughout the last year, ever since they declared war on the copyright lobby and also leapt to the defence of Wikileaks last year. This week, they made a different type of headline, as the FBI arrested between 14 and 16 hackers that are alleged to be members of Anonymous or related groups, including hackers who took part in Anonymous' "AntiSec" movement.

A few weeks ago, as part of the AntiSec movement, the servers of IRC Federal was hacked. IRC Federal is a FBI contractor and contractor for many other government agencies. It is this latest incident that seems to have been the trigger for these latest arrests.

But if the FBI thought that this arrest would somehow cripple the largely structure-less Anonymous setup, or deter future attacks, it appears they have miscalculated. If anything, Anonymous and fellow hacking group LulzSec has vowed to not be intimidated by these latest law enforcement operations, and true to their word, NATA has become the latest victim of AntiSec, with one gigabyte of data stolen, as proclaimed on the AntiSec twitter feed. 

Meanwhile, LulzSec has decided not to release emails they've taken from News Corp, citing fears that any leaks now would jeopardise the legal case building against the news outfit, itself accused of illegally hacking into the voicemail of murder victims and celebrities.

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