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Hulu's Facebook Connects Pulled Due To Privacy Breach

Posted by: , 17:53 AEST, Wed July 6, 2011

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Hulu's launch of their Facebook Connect feature bombs, as users report being able to access other user's accounts due to programming error

Hulu's Facebook Connect feature was supposed to allow users to share their Hulu experience with others, but apparently too much sharing can also be a bad thing. 

Immediately after the launch of Hulu Facebook Connect, Hulu has had to pull the feature because a programming error allowed users to access other's people's accounts. When it is working properly Facebook Connect can allow Facebook users to log into Hulu without having to create a new Hulu account.

Hulu says less then 50 people were affected by the bug, but users who experienced the bug first hand found that they could access the details of other users, including that of a employee, his street address, last 4 digits of his credit card number and numerous other private information.

"As soon as we learned of this issue, we immediately went into rapid response mode to find out the extent of the problem and to take steps to protect our users and ensure this doesn’t happen again," posted Hulu product manager Jonathan Au on the official Hulu blog.

Hulu recently announced that Hulu Plus would be coming to LG LCD HDTVs. There are also rumours circulating that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are all interested in purchasing the company that is current co-owned by ABC, Fox and Universal.


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