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PS3 3.60 Firmware Adds Cloud Storage

Posted by: , 17:18 AEDT, Thu March 10, 2011
Tags: Gaming, PS3

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The latest PS3 firmware adds the ability to store your save files in the cloud

Sony has announced that firmware 3.60, which should be available by the time you read this, will add cloud storage for PS3 owners. The service will provide 150MB of space to store a maximum 1000 data files for all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The advantage of storing save files in the cloud is that should something happen to your local save files, you will always have a backup copy online. The problem though is that certain games produce large save files, some single files that are even larger than the maximum 150MB in available storage, although most save files are below 1MB on average. But another advantage compared to backing up your data to a USB drive is that copy protected save data is supported by this new cloud service.

Another limitation users needs to be aware is that if their PlayStation Plus subscription lapses, they will no longer have access to their cloud storage accounts, although the save data is kept for 6 months after the lapse of membership, giving users plenty of times to renew.

A PlayStation Plus subscription costs $49.99 per year.

Update: The 3.60 update also adds the option to set the controller auto-turn off duration (10, 20 or 30 minutes of idle time). Reports also suggest that this update includes security updates that prevent homebrew/jailbreak from working.

Will cloud save game management convince you to sign up to PlayStation Plus? Post your opinion in this article's comments section. 


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