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Sony hires even more lawyers, police raid PS3 hacker's home, and new unhackable PS3?

Posted by: , 16:45 AEDT, Fri February 25, 2011

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A roundup of the most recent PS3 hack related news, as Sony ramps up the legal battle

Just a roundup of a couple of PS3 hack related news items (they're coming thick and fast these days).

First up, Sony America is hoping to ramp up the legal battle with PS3 hackers by posting job openings for a "senior corporate counsel" and a "senior paralegal for anti-piracy and brand protection". Working in Sony's legal department seems to me like the worst job in the world, since one probably has to do overtime pretty much every day, what with so many lawsuits launched. 

I just hope they're paid well, because they're doing amazing things just how did Sony's lawyers convince German police to do their dirty work by raiding the home of PS3 Linux enthusiast, graf_chokolo. For the crime of sharing data regarding the flawed PS3 security system and daring to put Linux back on the PS3 after Sony originally allowed, and then disallowed the practice, graf_chokolo is now the latest, but by no means the last, victim of Sony's rampage. "Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts," graf_chokolo told the Interweb. "So be careful from now on."

Good advice indeed.

And if Sony's legal attack dogs fails to stop the hacking community, there's always the possibility of bringing out new hardware to combat the PS3 security leak, which many hackers have already said may be the only way to counter the security hole. The new rumoured 300GB PS3 is said to be able to counter the latest hacks, although how long this will last, nobody knows!

Do you think Sony is overreacting to the PS3 hack, or do you think they're justified to act the way they are (I mean, come on, they're Sony, what else do you expect)? Post your views in our comments section, or in this forum thread (where updates to this story wil also be posted):


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