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LG Says PS3s Should Be Banned From Sale, Due To Patent Dispute

Posted by: , 14:08 AEDT, Wed February 9, 2011

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A legal battle between Sony and LG has escalated to the point where LG is demanding Sony Bravia TVs and PS3s be banned from import into the United States

Back in December, Sony brought LG to task by filing complaints alleging the South Korean company's mobile phone products infringed seven of Sony's patents.

LG has fought back, claiming that Sony infringes on several patents of its own, and that Sony's Bravia TVs and PS3s should be banned from being imported by the ITC as a result.

LG claims that Sony's TVs violated its own patents relating to how it receives and processes high definition signals, while it also claims that Sony's Blu-ray products infringe on patents relating to processing multiple data streams and reproducing data from read only devices. 

While these allegations seem serious, in reality, this legal skirmish will have no real effects on the availability of LG phones, or Sony TVs and the PS3.

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