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Smell-O-Vision Coming To Gaming, Home Video

Posted by: , 13:22 AEDT, Fri January 21, 2011

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A $70 device is promising to bring smell-o-vision to gaming and home video, later this year

It's been hyped up many times before, but Smell-O-Vision may finally be affordable enough for home usage, assuming you want your home to be filled with the various smells of games and movies.

Scent Science's ScentScape

For as little as $69.99, Scent Science's ScentScape device promises to add up to 20 smells to your gaming and home video experience. The device, which connects to your PC or game console, offers 20 pre-loaded smells, from fresh pine forests, to the salty sea, to the burning caliber of firearms, with more smell cartridges available to purchase as add-ons to the system.

ScentScape will be released later this year.

See a video of ScentScape in action (sorry, not smell-o-vision enabled) in our forum:


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