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Uncensored Playboy App Coming to iPad

Posted by: , 13:50 AEDT, Thu January 20, 2011
Tags: iPad

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Playboy will soon release an iPad app that allows users access to all old and new issues of Playboy uncensored

Apple's strict app guidelines say no nudity is allowed, which is why the current release plans for a Playboy app only includes a 'non-nude' version.

But in a tweet by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, the 84 year old that an uncensored version of the app will also be available for the iPad.

However, the nude version will simply be a browser type application that links to webpages featuring the nude content, thereby circumventing Apple's app guidelines, or at least that's the hope.

Bondi Digital will be responsible for producing the content. "Any time you're dealing with tablets there are different ways to engineer the content, including a straight implementation," said David Anthony, a Bondi Digital co-founder. "While we're doing many of the characterizations of an iPad app, it's inside a Web app."

The nude and non-nude versions of the iPad app will be available as soon as March, if Hefner's tweet is correct.


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