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Worlds Thinnest LCD TV

Posted by: , 05:23 AEDT, Tue December 22, 2009

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Measuring just .1 inches think and weighing less than 9 pounds, this LG 42" 1080p LED backlight LCD screen takes the title of the worlds thinnest TV

LG has used every conceivable idea to get the thickness down, including the use of an ultra-slim, edge-lit LED backlight system and proprietary optical film technology.

"With the development of the world’s thinnest LED LCD TV panel that is only 2.6mm thick, LG Display has once again demonstrated its technical prowess to satisfy customer demand for high resolution and slim design products,"

The 42-inch panel weighs less than 9 pounds, which makes it ideal for wall mounted TVs, says the company. It offers a 120Hz refresh rate with full HD resolution.

LG will show this bad boy off at the CES show in Las Vegas and release the full specs sometime in January.


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