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Most Watched YouTube Videos of 2009

Posted by: , 13:51 AEDT, Thu December 17, 2009

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Google has announced the top 5 most viewed YouTube videos for the year 2009

Google has announced the top 5 most viewed videos for the year 2009.  The combined views for the top 5 videos were just under 250 million.  Thats equivalent to 90% of the US population watching those video clips one time.

The top five videos are listed below starting with the most viewed first:

  1.  "Britain's Got Talent" (120 million views)
  2. "David After Dentist" (37 million views)
  3. "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" (33 million views)
  4. "New Moon Movie Trailer" (31 million views)
  5. "Evian Roller Babies" (27 million views)


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