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Marvel Entertainment Sold to Disney for $4,000,000,000

Posted by: , 10:49 AEST, Tue September 1, 2009
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Disney has purchased Marvel Entertainment and its 5,000 comic characters thats associated with it for a whopping four billion dollars

The Walt Disney Company announced today that it had bought Marvel Entertainment, including over 5,000 characters, for a whopping four billion dollars (9 zeros).

“People’s interest in high-quality product, particularly product that makes sense for them to own because of its appeal to their kids, is something that we think has given us an advantage and is in fact evidenced in our conversion rates of DVD sales to box office,”

Currently, the comics company is providing characters for new and upcoming titles from Activision (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2), Capcom (Marvel vs. Capcom 2), Sega (Iron Man 2), and THQ (Marvel Super Hero Squad).


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