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20th Century Fox Starts Something New

Posted by: , 12:57 AEDT, Wed April 1, 2009
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20th Century Fox started something never seen before last week when they released Marley & Me by offering a standard DVD version and

When a consumer bought Marley & Me last week, they got a bonus, actually two bonuses.  They got the standard DVD, the Blu-ray version, and even a digital copy, all in one package.

“We’re giving people the option to enjoy the movie in three different ways,the digital copy can go to the kids, so they can watch it on their iPods. Then you’ve got the Blu-ray Disc, which you can watch on your big home theater, and the DVD, which you can watch in the car or the bedroom.”

In an attempt to battle illegal downloads, 20th Century Fox's "Triple Play" deal is hoping to give consumers a reason not to download illegally.


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