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Is the PS3 Still the Best Blu-ray Player

Posted by: , 14:15 AEDT, Wed February 25, 2009
Tags: HD, PS3

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It held the crown as the best Blu-ray player for the longest time but does it still hold true today

When the PS3 was first released, it was without a doubt the most powerful feature rich Blu-player on the market.  Times have changed and a multitude of other players have been released to dethrone the PS3.

At one time the PS3 was the most affordable Blu-ray player out there but, there has been many released that are just as powerful and are priced close if not below the PS3.

Shop carefully as you may not need or take full advantage of all the high priced players out there.  If your into gaming or have a kid, I honestly think the Blu-ray is your best all around purchase to meet all your needs.


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