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Mobile Photoshop Arrives in September

Posted by: , 01:34 AEST, Sat August 30, 2008
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The main upgrades to aren't coming until October but, mobile will be coming in September

Adobe® Mobile is the easiest way to upload, view, and share your photos online from your phone. All you need is a phone that supports Windows Mobile and your account ID.

Now you will be able to upload pics from your phone any time, access them from anywhere, and share with family and friends no matter where they may be.

Currently there a 5 different phones that support mobile.  They are:

  • Motorola Q 9h
  • Q Music 9m
  • Samsung Blackjack I
  • Samsung Blackjack II
  • Palm Treo 750w Mobile beta will be available as a free download in September.


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