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Belkin Wireless HD Transmitter

Posted by: , 01:39 AEST, Fri July 11, 2008

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Belkin talks about its new FlyWire transmitter that support streaming at resolutions up to 1080p

The Belkin FlyWire wireless HD transmitter promises 1080p cinema picture resolution to any HDTV in your house.  How nice would it be to put your TV anywhere you want, without the ugly site of cables running everywhere.

Operating on the 5GHz frequency, its can provide you with your daily TV shows, sports, and news. It will also connect wirelessly to Blu-ray players, game consoles, and of course your DVR/PVR.

Coming in October, there will be two models to choose from.  You have the FlyWire that works all through your house for $999 or you have the FlyWire R1 that works just for that room for $699.


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