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DRM Causes a Uproar Among Gamers

Posted by: , 05:24 AEST, Thu June 19, 2008
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Bioware and EA is planning to add newer DRM that would only allow 3 installations of the game

The latest DRM pushed out by Bioware and EA games is causing a mass revolt from gamers across the world.  At first this DRM had a "phone home" functionality that would call home ever 10 days to check legitimacy but, they quickly learned that it wouldn't fly with consumers.  After many complaints, they removed the "phone home" feature only to replace it with a stipulation that it could only be installed 3 times.

After the third installation, the disc would no longer work and you would be forced to purchase a new copy.  Any time you install different hardware, you have to reinstall the game so if your a avid gamer who likes to stay up and current on the latest and greatest video cards, your just SOL.

All this to deter people from pirating a copy.  Seems they are punishing the paying customers more than anyone else...


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