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Digital Digest Down But Not Out

Posted by: , 22:24 AEST, Mon June 2, 2008
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Read about why Digital Digest was not available for the last 30+ hours

Well that wasn't any fun.

As you may have noticed, Digital Digest was down for the last 35 hours or so. We were part of the same datacenter disaster that bought down sites such as (which is still down at the moment). Overall, 9000 servers (with some servers capable of hosting dozens of sites) were bought down by a transformer blow-out and the subsequent explosion at the datacenter's power control room.

35+ hours of waiting, refreshing for updated information, sleeplessness, frantic pacing and shouting abuses at random people/pets, and it all appears to be okay now.

Once I get some rest, I will start ensuring something like this can never cause Digital Digest to cease operations for so long. After I get some sleep, of course.

More details and a timeline of the repair process can be found here.


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