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What a Nice Gesture

Posted by: , 04:18 AEST, Fri April 25, 2008
Tags: Xbox 360

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Microsoft is giving away hundreds of XBOX game consoles to children hospitals across the US that allows them to even have live interaction with one another
"It's extremely gratifying to witness the joy and excitement of these children and teens when they have a chance to break away from the normal hospital routine, and make new friends while playing video games," said Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.

These kids spend day in and day out bored out of their mind playing boring card and board games. So many of our children today take for granted the luxuries they enjoy everyday after school.

Microsoft decided to do something about it by installing kiosks in children hospitals across the US. These kiosks will come preloaded with G-rated games (sorry kids there will be no grand theft auto games) and a dedicated chat servers that links children hospitals abroad.


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