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All Media is not Created Equal

Posted by: , 03:58 AEDT, Fri February 29, 2008

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BitBurners did a in depth review of Maxell's 16X media and found out some interesting information
They tested their current 16x DVD recordable media, both DVD-R and DVD+R. The DVD-R disc were made by Ritek while the DVD+R disc were made by RICOH. Yay for the -R disc, boo for the +R disc. Ritek is a much more reputable facility.

The Maxell DVD-R media carries a RITEK F1 media identifier. Opinions for that MID seem to vary but, overall a good choice (definitely better than RICOH).

The Maxell DVD+R media made by RICOH proved to be far less reliable! Error rates using a Pioneer burner were sub par!

Stay away from +R media sold under the Maxell name!

You can see the full review at BitBurners.


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