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Blu-ray Wins the HD War

Posted by: , 13:13 AEDT, Mon February 18, 2008
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Toshiba pulled the plug on HD DVD today announcing they would cease production and development of the HD format
Toshiba pulled the plug on HD DVD today announcing they would cease the production and development of all HD DVD equipment. I must give Toshiba credit where credit is due, they fought the good fight. Unfortunately though, they could not change the inevitable.

The loss to Blu-ray is not the only loss Toshiba will suffer, as they will have to suffer losses amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars when they scrap production of HD-DVD players and recorders. Although shareholders responded to the new positively, as Toshiba stock rose after the rumour first broke that they would discontinue the HD DVD format.

Toshiba plans on continuing to sell HD-DVD equipment for now but, will not continue to develop new devices.

You can read Toshiba's full press release here. You can also read Digital Digest's webmaster, DVDGuy's opinions and thoughts on this outcome.

The High Definition DVD FAQ, featuring FAQs on high definition discs formats such as Blu-ray, HD DVD, EVD, FVD ... has been updated now to include information regarding this latest development. The Blu-ray (and HD DVD) Buyer's Guide has also been updated accordingly.


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