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Microsoft Actually Follows Thru

Posted by: , 06:38 AEDT, Tue January 22, 2008
Tags: Xbox 360

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Download a free game on XBOX Live as compensation for their downtime over the holiday season
As most of you remember, the XBOX Live service was experiencing technical difficulties during the holidays preventing alot of Live subscribers from logging on to the service.

Microsoft quickly issued a excuse saying:

As a result of this massive increase in usage we know that some of you experienced intermittent Xbox LIVE issues over the holiday breaK...

Microsoft promised all Xbox Live users, both new and old, compensation for the downtime in the form of a full Xbox Live Arcade. The game will be "Undertow", which is an aquatic shooter with story driven-single player campaign, on and offline co-op, and multi-player for 2-16 players.

Make sure you download it between 2:00 AM Jan. 23 and 11:59 Jan 27 (Pacific Standard Time).


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