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The Blu-ray and HD DVD Buyer's Guide

Posted by: , 17:29 AEDT, Mon December 24, 2007

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Read our new Blu-ray and HD DVD Buyer's guide to find information and tips to help you make your next HD purchase - updated to include Warner's Blu-ray decision
The Blu-ray and HD DVD Buyer's Guide

The Blu-ray and HD DVD Buyer's Guide is a new guide that covers some real world hints and tips for people who are on the verge of getting into HD. And it has just been updated to include Warner's Blu-ray decision. It covers all the information that you'll need to make a wise purchase, including a comparison of Blu-ray versus HD DVD, tips on how to become format neutral and more.

Not sure what the difference between Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD? Can't quite get your head around the Blu-ray region system? Can't seem to make up your mind as to go "Blu" or experience "the look and sound of perfect"? Read our guide for the answers.


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