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Video Add-On for the PS3

Posted by: , 04:03 AEST, Fri April 27, 2007
Tags: PS3

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Sony has announced a new add on for the PS3 which will enhance the "in-game" experience
Nicknamed the "PlayStation Eye", it is a USB connected camera-microphone combination so that you can experience new gaming features via the speech and picture recognition technology.

The specs on the "Playstation Eye" aren't really that bad but, by no means is it a "hardcore" camera. It has 320X240 resolution with up to 120 frames per second. Some nifty attributes are the low-light sensitivity and two zoom options it has.

Sony released a similar device for the PS2 called the "EyeToy Camera". I don't really recall it just taking off in the sales bracket but, who knows with the PS3. It could be just the extra "umph" your looking for.

The software that comes with the camera isn't all that bad as it does let you save photos and videos to the PS3's hard drive so that you may manipulate them at a later time.

Sony also commented on the future release of titles for the PS3 will makes good use of this add-on.



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