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Wireless TV's Coming September

Posted by: , 06:15 AEST, Thu April 26, 2007

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The only thing holding them up from arriving sooner than September of this year
The release of Samsung's 50- and 58-inch wireless high-definition plasma displays may be held back by Hollywood. Samsung employee said that the two sets are on track in the US for September of this year, but could be ready sooner if not for the concerns of the movie studios about the security of the wireless transmissions.

Hollywood would apparently not have an issue with the wireless HD displays if the video resolution was in a lower output (720p). Currently the TV's would output a 1080p or even 1080i depending on the other equipment and source of video.

Samsung is hoping for 1080p on their gigantic plasma's but, the movie studios are worried that the 802.11n standard might not be strong enough to protect the content for unauthorized recording.



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