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P2P Killer

Posted by: , 03:12 AEDT, Wed March 14, 2007

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cGrid in the new tool in the war against piracy that can boot users off the network in real-time if it suspects that they are engaging in P2P file sharing, or even if they are using so-called darknets
cGRID is the industry's most advanced P2P and file-sharing mitigation technology. Red Lambda's deep packet analysis technology is combined with powerful behavioral analysis, which means that cGRID is still effective even when packets are encrypted. This is in contrast to others' technologies, whose effectiveness is stymied when files are encrypted or use protocols other than P2P.

P2P mitigation is not just about illegal file sharing anymore. With attacks using P2P on the rise, off-the-shelf solutions are simply not adequate protection because the protocols change too quickly. With Red Lambda, clients have a choice in how they want to implement a P2P solution. Whether the focus is on security or on mitigating liability from illegal file- sharing, Red Lambda's technology offers the most evolved P2P protection available from any vendor.

Here are a few features of cGRID:
  • Plug in Acceptable Use Policies with easy drag-and-drop policy editing
  • Detect and stop P2P and other protocols that carry malware, consume bandwidth, and facilitate illegal file-sharing and information leakage
  • Remediate policy infractions using predefined or customized escalation steps
  • Automatically educate users about the nature of violations as part of a strategic policy
  • Save or deliver detailed reports for later access and case management
  • Access all data with Red Lambda's open standards based data catalogue

With Red Lambda, it's all about the behavior of the protocol, not the particular movie or song that is being transferred. cGRID also gives network administrators the ability to white-list P2P protocols at their discretion.


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