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Smaller Size But Almost Same Quality

Posted by: , 07:01 AEDT, Thu February 22, 2007

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From the makers of HD-DVD, they are now introducing a new format called 3X DVD which will yield very good video quality at 720p on a disc that holds less than %50 of a typical HD-DVD disc
Basically this 3X DVD is a new hybrid format by the HD-DVD camp that gives you all the benefits of high definition material on standard, affordable DVD format. Unless you have a 60" or bigger TV, the average person won't even notice the difference between 3X DVD (720p) and HD-DVD (1080p).

Another great feature is that it is compatible with both standard DVD players and HD-DVD players. This new format consists of 720p resolution and uses the VC-1 or AVC compression codec.

What they are doing is taking a standard HD-DVD and reducing the size all the way down to 9GB while retaining near HD quality. Sounds like a win win situation but only time will tell if 3X DVD takes off to consumers.



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