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We Have a WINNER!

Posted by: , 08:57 AEDT, Wed December 27, 2006

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The next generation DVD format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is over
On behalf of the media companies, Microsoft, and other hardware manufactures we now have a defenitive answer on the winner. Its not Blu-Ray, its not HD-DVD, it is Piracy!
"We understand now that piracy is a business model," Sweeney told them unequivocally. "It exists to serve a need in the market for consumers who want TV content on demand. Pirates compete the same way we do - through quality, price and availability. We we don’t like the model but we realise it’s competitive enough to make it a major competitor going forward."

If you take 10 minutes to look around, you will see that every HD movie is now available on P2P networks.Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD bombed in the market place! Neither one of the two were impressive enough to shell out the kinda cash they were asking for.

The bottom line is Piracy is where its at!



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