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BitTorrent Hardware

Posted by: , 13:17 AEST, Tue October 24, 2006

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The BitTorrent site has landed a few allies in the hardware department with storage devices, wired and wireless routers, and media servers all pre-programmed with Torrent sharing abilities
When you hear the name BitTorrent, you immediately think of illegal file sharing. The co-founder of BitTorrent, Ashwin Navin, is actually trying to turn that stereotype the other way. He has since struck a deal with ASUS, Planex, and QNAP to embed BitTorrent capabilities in all of their new wired and wireless routers and BitTorrent Wireless Router storage devices.

Imagine all your media networked through the whole house and only being a finger tip away to enjoy it. The BitTorrent client makes that possible and tis the reason for all these merges. BitTorrent Media Server Two of the ASUS devices are capable of downloading torrents without the use of a PC. BitTorrent now provides a very easy and efficient way to stream music, movies, and other media through out the whole home network.

On top of all of this, BitTorrent has struck a deal with Warner Bros. to sell movie downloads online. Oh how times change! Once ridiculed and lawfully pursued by these major movie studios, they are now joining hands. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?



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