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Beware of Fake Media

Posted by: , 12:50 AEST, Thu October 12, 2006

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Large amounts of fake or counterfeit high quality media is surfacing all over the internet
According to DigiTimes there are increasing cases of 8x and 4x DVD+R/-R discs being passed off as 16x and 8x, respectively. Only CMC Magnetics, Ritek, Prodisc Technology, Daxon Technology and Lead Data are currently capable of producing 16x DVD+R/-R discs, while second-tier and smaller makers produce 4x and/or 8x discs.

As demand for 16x DVD+R/-R discs grows with the increasing use of 16x and 18x DVD burners, some makers have mislabeled their discs with higher speeds in order to grab profits. This is not a new phenomenon in DVD industry. Fake Media ID's and even counterfeit DVD media have always existed in DVD webstores all over the internet. More...

Credit: BitBurners


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