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PS3 is All you Will Need

Posted by: , 01:42 AEST, Sat June 24, 2006

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According to Sony that it is a "all-in-one" device
In an interview with German gaming site Spiegel Online, Harrison said the PS3 is a PC. And once PS3 enters the mainstream, consumers, in essence, won’t need any other PC.

“Computer” always has been part of Sony’s game division name since it entered the market with the original PlayStation in 1995. PS3 will be the first device that has the capacity to deliver on that promise. PS2 focused on the “entertainment” portion of Sony’s name, with DVD movie and CD music playback. PS3 will offer that, plus Blu-ray Disc movie and game playback, in addition to backward-compatibility on the entire library of PS and PS2 games. More...

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