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PS2 Now Cheaper

Posted by: , 12:28 AEST, Fri April 21, 2006
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With the PS3 coming soon(or so they say), the price of the PS2 will decline
Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi insisted that no price drop was planned for his company's popular console, the PlayStation 2. However, in the subsequent weeks, numerous Wall Street analysts cited retail sources as saying that a PS2 price drop from $149 to $129 was due shortly.

While many analyst predictions have turned out to be exaggerations, underestimates, or just plain wrong, they were spot-on in this case. Just over a month later, Sony has changed its mind.

This morning, the company announced it was indeed lowering the PS2's price to $129, effective immediately. "Now even more consumers, as well as casual gamers, can experience what the PlayStation 2 platform has to offer at a new value price," said Kaz Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. More...

Credit: Game Spot


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