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Plextor Releases New CD Burner

Posted by: , 12:30 AEST, Thu April 20, 2006

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They were the "kings" of CD-R and it looks like that they want to make sure to keep the title with the aging format.
The Premium 2 comes with a 52x recording speed and 32x for a CD-RW, so no big news there. Plextor Premium 2 Interesting detail is that Plextor has licensed the Yamaha AudioMASTER technology, which was last seen in the legendary Yamaha F1 CD-RW recorder (the last recorder by Yamaha). Also available is 2x CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) recording mode for audio.

So clearly Plextor wants to maintain its high reputation in the audio field, whether we are talking about audio professionals or audiophiles. More...

Credit: BitBurners


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