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RIAA and MPAA Going After Morpheus

Posted by: , 12:50 AEST, Mon April 10, 2006

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As part of their strategy to crack down on users of P2P file-sharing software, the RIAA and MPAA also went after the makers of Morpheus
Streamcast Networks, which is responsible for the file-sharing program Morpheus, has decided to take its chances in court, breaking off settlement negotiations with record labels and movie studios. The RIAA and MPAA had informed Streamcast along with seven other companies of their intent to file suit against them in the wake of the MGM v. Grokster ruling last summer.

Streamcast's decision to fight it out in court marks a change of heart for the company, which previously said it planned to settle the case. In a statement, Streamcast CEO Michael Weiss noted his disappointment that the company couldn't come to an agreement with the labels and studios and said that Streamcast wants its "day in court." More...

Credit: ars technica


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